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Design Quickie – How to Pick the Right Neutral Paint

Picking paint for any room can be daunting. There you are, standing in front of hundreds of swatches under the brightest of light, trying to pick things out on a whim. If you’re patient and a good planner, you’ll get a bunch of samples to test in your home. I’m the opposite so I usually end up grabbing a color and rolling… Read more →

All Hale Navy!

That is not a typo (I know there are people rolling their eyes). Rather, I’m referring to a beauuutiful navy blue color called Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore. It has made its way onto many a pin on my Pinterest boards, not to mention all over the internet, and for good reason.   Hale Navy HC-154 Hale Navy is a… Read more →

Things I’m Loving: CB2

I get about 15 home decor catalogs delivered to my house every month, both a blessing and a curse. There’s usually so much pretty to look at that it all starts to blend together, so it takes something a bit more special to pique my interest these days. The past couple catalogs, CB2 has really impressed me with both their products and… Read more →

Design Quickie – Curtain Clips

Happy Saturday! Weekends should be spent as leisurely as possible as often as possible, if you ask me. I’m shooting for a quick but useful post every Saturday, hopefully in time for your morning coffee. This first weekend, though,  it’s closer to cocktail hour. Totally acceptable in my book. Ring clips are a super easy and more casual way to hang… Read more →

Affordable Wall Sconce

I may not have reinvented the wheel here, but I have found a pretty cute wall sconce on the cheap. That’s basically the same, am I right? Anyway, 2014 was an expensive year for us and this attic reno was the real killer, so we were keeping our eyes very close on the budget when wrapping this project up. I had used… Read more →