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A Brand New Year

I don’t know about you, but this year is off to a crazy busy start (which I couldn’t be happier about!) It’s officially my last year in my twenties and it will be jam-packed. The last week of 2015 we closed on our first rehab project we’ll be working on together, and demo is currently underway. It’s a much bigger… Read more →

Cutting Bamboo Shades & Thrift Store Chairs

Since our attic renovation cost a pretty penny, any finishes were extremely budget conscious. With 9 windows to cover (eek) and hardly any furniture, I had to improvise. I had remembered Jenny from Little Green Notebook blogged about scoring some dirt cheap roman shades from Lowes, so I headed there to see if (over a month later) anything was left. Cut… Read more →

Design Quickie – How to Pick the Right Neutral Paint

Picking paint for any room can be daunting. There you are, standing in front of hundreds of swatches under the brightest of light, trying to pick things out on a whim. If you’re patient and a good planner, you’ll get a bunch of samples to test in your home. I’m the opposite so I usually end up grabbing a color and rolling… Read more →

Things I’m Loving: CB2

I get about 15 home decor catalogs delivered to my house every month, both a blessing and a curse. There’s usually so much pretty to look at that it all starts to blend together, so it takes something a bit more special to pique my interest these days. The past couple catalogs, CB2 has really impressed me with both their products and… Read more →

Rethink it: ReStore Bookcases

DIY projects around here are always a hysterical adventure. Why are we such hot messes? In any project, one or many of the following is bound to happen: We end up tackling them on days where weather does not cooperate, we make a mistake at least once, or my indecisiveness requires us to buy additional material or supplies. Honestly, when… Read more →

Sun Room Upgrade on a Budget

In the beginning of May we hosted our 2nd annual Cinco (or in this case, since it was on a Saturday, Quatro) de Mayo party. It’s a fantastic holiday we’ve claimed that allows us to kick-off the Spring with great food and cocktails and get together with our friends. This year, we were thrilled to be putting our new kitchen to the test of handling… Read more →