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Kitchen Overhaul: The Big Reveal

Are you ready are you ready? Of course you are, duh. I’ve taken way too long to get to these After photos posted and for that, I am sorry. These past few months working on the kitchen have been nothing other than a rollercoaster, but then again, that’s life for ya! Plus, we’re pretty smitten with the end result. I’ll let… Read more →

Kitchen Overhaul – That’s A Lot of Wood.

Close your eyes for a minute, think if your dream kitchen and what kind of counter tops you would throw in that masterpiece. Are you thinking Carerra marble (swoon), soapstone, Caesarstone? Maybe a mixture of a few surfaces to add some interest, perhaps a well worn butcher block island? Ugh, I’m dreaming too. Now, pinch yourself and wake up! We’re on a… Read more →

Sneak Peek

Happy freakin’ weekend! We’re in the home stretch, something I never thought we’d see. Here’s a sneak peek of my next project for the kitchen. Where do you think we’re featuring this fun fabric? Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Do something fun! Till then xo, Malorie Read more →

Kitchen Overhaul – Put a Cork In It

Recently in a previous post, I explained that when we make a large purchasing decision, there’s always considerable thought put in to be sure it’s what we want and what’s right for us/our home. That’s why I love it so much when complete strangers don’t agree with my choices – and when I say “don’t agree” I mean telling me that the product I want to… Read more →

Wednesday Sneak Peek

Hi! Yes I’m still alive and I’m sorry for keeping all of my fans waiting.. all three of you 😉 It’s been a crazy week full of mistakes and excitement working on this kitchen, but nevertheless great blogging material. I’ll pick up where we left off with a full post tomorrow (most likely on my lunch break) but I didn’t… Read more →

Kitchen Overhaul – DEMO!

Oh, demolition. You’re really one of the most fun parts of any renovation (for the dudes, at least. I prefer the shopping/painting parts.) I think everyone needs to experience the feeling of slamming a hammer through a piece of undisturbed drywall in their lifetime, or in our case, rock-hard plaster. This wall took a little more muscle! Step one –… Read more →