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Affordable Wall Sconce

I may not have reinvented the wheel here, but I have found a pretty cute wall sconce on the cheap. That’s basically the same, am I right? Anyway, 2014 was an expensive year for us and this attic reno was the real killer, so we were keeping our eyes very close on the budget when wrapping this project up. I had used… Read more →

Surprisingly cute rugs at Walmart

Every once in a while I’ll stumble on some great finds in unexpected places. Walmart for me has never been a go-to for decor, however yesterday when I popped in to pick up an easy-up canopy, I came across these great rugs at such a steal!   They really look like something you’d find from Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie with… Read more →

Rethink it: ReStore Bookcases

DIY projects around here are always a hysterical adventure. Why are we such hot messes? In any project, one or many of the following is bound to happen: We end up tackling them on days where weather does not cooperate, we make a mistake at least once, or my indecisiveness requires us to buy additional material or supplies. Honestly, when… Read more →