DIY Wall Mounted Wine Rack

In my non-preggers life, wine is a very important part of it. I mean what’s better, really?

We used to have a set of pottery barn modular wine bars here in the dining room (I got them off Craigslist a couple years ago), but they were too short, feeling tired, and I wanted to clean the space up. Without much storage in this house, I began searching for ways to utilize vertical space functionally and aesthetically. I found these two images that instantly sealed the deal and had me adding to Vito’s honey-do list.





Lucky for me, he’s always up for a challenge and was on board with the idea. With just a 2×4 and some serious lag bolts, we were ready to get started. You will need a drill press for this.

Supplies needed:

2×4 stud
Lag bolts (ours were about 6″)
-Drill Press

Here’s what to do, per my live-in carpenter/handyman/husband:

We used a 2×4 stud for a few bucks and some lag bolts and washers to attach it to the wall.

First decide how tall you want it. We wanted it floor to ceiling, but didn’t want to have to mess with the crown or base moldings so we cut it short and chamfered the ends (this is fancy for “angling”).

I marked the holes out 5″ apart and 1-1/4″ from the front face. The tricky part is ensuring that the holes are slightly angled so that the bottles sit level. You’ll need a drill press or guide for this so that all of the holes have the same angle. I simply propped up one end of board until I had an angle of about 5 degrees. Then, drill a hole at every 5″ mark. If you want all the bottles on one side (like we did), drill the holes all in the same direction. If you want to stager them, skip every other hole and drill those from the opposite side.

Next, drill your holes through the front for you lag bolts. Find a bolt that is long enough to get through both the 2×4, your wall covering, and securely into the wall studs. We spaced the lags about every 20″.

Then, sand and paint or stain the wine rack. When mounting to the wall, make sure you find a stud and pre-drill the holes. Then lag the wine rack to the wall with a ratchet. There will be a lot of weight on the wall, so securing it to a stud in the wall is crucial.

At first I stained it, but hated the look of a stained 2×4. So I painted it the same color as our walls, and I think it blends in while still obviously making quite a statement.

DIY Wall Mounted Wine Rack | HomeWork Design Co. DIY Wall Mounted Wine Rack | HomeWork Design Co. DIY Wall Mounted Wine Rack | HomeWork Design Co. DIY Wall Mounted Wine Rack | HomeWork Design Co.

I know once the babe is mobile I’ll need to keep the bottles away from the floor, but I love the overall look of it. Vito thinks this might also turn into an impromptu jungle gym. We are in for some serious parenting reality. Good thing we’ll have wine at the ready.

I hope everyone has a great Easter! This one is special for us – we’re hosting brunch and also doing the gender reveal for our first child, and I’m so excited! Vito and I don’t know yet, so it will be a surprise for us too. Then it’s onto nursery plans 🙂



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