Favorite Home Books

Favorite Home Books - HomeWork Design Co.

I’ve never been an avid reader, but I’m all over looking at beautiful pictures. Enter coffee table books and recent interior design books that serve triple duty as inspiration, insight, and style for any given room.. I’m in.

A stack of books instantly elevates any vignette, and every room feels instantly more authentic with books lined up in a bookcase or displayed on a coffee table.

There is no shortage of great books out there, but I’ve rounded up some of my favorites within a few categories

Interior Styling and How-To’s

Favorite Home Books - HomeWork Design Co.

One: Elements of Style by Erin Gates
Erin’s blog is one of my daily reads and her book is a continuation of her great aesthetic and streamlined style. She’s an east-coaster which I love, and the book itself is beautiful and adds a graphic punch to your room.

Two: Lovable Livable Home by John and Sherry Petersik
These semi-retired bloggers once ruled the interior decorating blog space thanks to their infectious personalities and approachable design philosophy. This book is chock full of fun ideas that you’d never think of, and their voice shines through every page.

Three: A Field Guide to American Houses by Virginia Savage McAlester
The holy grail of home architecture, this book will help you discern from the multitude of styles of houses you’ll see across the country. Italianate, gothic, and all of the mixing and matching in between, this field guide helps you feel like a pro when navigating the real estate market.

Four: Design Sponge at Home by Grace Bonney
If you haven’t visited Design Sponge’s website, then you’ve been living under a rock. It is a corner of the internet filled thoughtfully with curated content about interiors, small business, and inspiration, and this book oozes interior ideas and DIYs from real people.


Space Inspiration

Favorite Home Books - HomeWork Design Co.

Five: Home by Ellen Degeneres
If you thought Ellen was a one trick pony, think again. She is incredibly talented with a keen eye for interior design, and her new book is just stunning. Her aesthetic has earned her her own show on HGTV and a firm place in the industry.

Six: STYLED by Emily Henderson
Oh how I love Emily Henderson. Her quirky personality shines through daily on her blog and her book teaches you how to expertly style all sorts of spaces while inspiring you to rearrange everything STAT. She tours an array of different homes to convey a multitude of styles across the country, which I also love.

Seven: Things That Matter by Nate Berkus
My Target crush has crushed it with this book as he talks about the importance of beauty in your home, items that mean something to you, and includes page after page of drool worthy spaces. Love him.


Coffee Tables/Photography

Favorite Home Books - HomeWork Design Co.

Eight: Places to Go, People to See by Kate Spade New York
This book is simple. Iconic Kate Spade style, bright colors, total eye candy. The green cover is just beautiful and will fit right into any space.

Nine: Dogs by Lewis Blackwell and Time Flach
The photos in this book are incredible, whether you’re a dog lover or not! Each page captures the true souls and personalities of these dogs, it’s great for all ages, and makes me want to rescue an entire shelter of pups.

Ten: Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton
An extension of the popular blog, this book captures the souls that make up New York City through stunning photography and incredible storiesĀ from the subjects at hand. This book gives you a taste of the lives that make up the melting pot that is NYC.

I have plenty more, but I thought this was a good start. What are your favorites?

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