A Brand New Year

I don’t know about you, but this year is off to a crazy busy start (which I couldn’t be happier about!) It’s officially my last year in my twenties and it will be jam-packed.

New Year 2016 | HomeWork Design Co.

The last week of 2015 we closed on our first rehab project we’ll be working on together, and demo is currently underway. It’s a much bigger project than we initially anticipated, but I’m really looking forward to seeing such a remarkable transformation.

New Year 2016 | HomeWork Design Co.

The house is a 1,900 SF home in south jersey, and it’s basically a complete rehab. In a few days we’ve gone from this..

New Year 2016 | HomeWork Design Co.

to this..

New Year 2016 | HomeWork Design Co.

and it’s just the beginning! The home is about 80 years old and I can’t wait to infuse some old charm back into it. Fingers crossed for a mostly smooth ride and no major hiccups.

Though we are just getting started, I’m already proud that we finally took the leap to get started. Rehabbing is something we’ve been talking about doing together for what seems like forever, and I’ve been dying to get my hands on a big design challenge.

Vito is extremely well versed in real estate and the ins and outs of construction, but it’s taken us a while to pull the trigger on our own project. Between his engineering background and general know-how, paired with my love for design, I’m confident that we’ll make an awesome team. Plus, this is a project that doesn’t involve our house – win for him.

Either way, I plan to document the entire process – highs and lows – in case any of you are interested in trying your hand at this stuff yourselves. I can’t promise it will be pretty (until the end – that will be pretty) but I have a feeling the learning experience will be invaluable.

Also on tap for the coming weeks are a couple DIYs (one fail and one success!) and my thoughts on current trends.

New Year 2016 | HomeWork Design Co.via

New Year 2016 | HomeWork Design Co.


I’ve been slacking getting my step mom’s office design together (sorry Liz!!) but I promise, it’s coming. Till then, I can let you know it involves built ins and fun fabric.

All of this is just a taste, but there’s a lot coming down the pike all of which we’re totally excited for. I hope everyone is off to a great New Year – stay tuned!

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