A Little Holiday Spirit Around the House

It’s December and there’s 1 week till Christmas? I’m not sure how all of that happened but lucky for me I LOVE the holidays and everything that comes with it (minus the extra pound or two). The decorations, music, and overall feeling makes me mushy every year, and my husband thinks it’s hilarious. I can’t help it, I have too much love to share.

Anyway, while I usually add some festiveness to the house I rarely photograph it. This year I snapped some quick shots to share with all of you, I hope you feel the love.


Adding the garland is everything. It makes such an impact. And I just love that arrangement. It’s all about the greens!


We totally underestimated how big and fat this tree was! I had to pick up those cute magnolia flowers at the dollar store so that the tree didn’t feel empty. Originally, all the ornaments just disappeared.
DSC02591 DSC02586 DSC02561

This little banner is from Target last year. It is on it’s last leg but it’s so cute! I kind of wish it said “fa-ra-ra-ra-ra”

DSC02562 DSC02575 DSC02560 DSC02559 DSC02565

I hope you have the most wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

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