Master Bedroom Refresh: ORC Week 5

Hello. It’s me. I’ve thought about this room for a long long time.


ORC Master Bedroom Refresh: HomeWork Design Co.


Well, the last two weeks at least. Aside from having this freaking Adele song cemented in my brain, (and now you do too, sorryyy), I’ve been making some progress with the One Room Challenge but have yet to write about it until now. It’s probably because I’m less than satisfied with what I have to show for the past 2 weeks of radio silence.. BUT that just means you get a bunch of stuff to see today!


ORC Master Bedroom Refresh: HomeWork Design Co.


The room is progressing and we have a few more days until the reveal. I still have some things I’m wrapping up but then it’s on to styling and fun art pieces (feathers!)

The biggest project we tackled was our new upholstered headboard, you may have seen my instagram post.


ORC Master Bedroom Refresh: HomeWork Design Co.


Let me tell you I learned A LOT from my first headboard! And like most new things, I get better at them as they go along meaning any “after” photos you’ll see of this bad boy will be of its good angles, the spots where I really started getting the hang of it. I’ll be posting a tutorial in the coming weeks, but until then here are my thoughts that stuck out:

  1. Thank GOODNESS for pneumatic staple guns. Seriously, I love this thing. If you are even considering tackling this project, don’t do it without one!
  2. It is VERY important to make sure that your foam underneath the fabric is cut smoothly. I learned the hard way but after a glass of wine I was over it. My motto for this project was “it is what it is”.
  3. DIYing something that is such a focal point is daunting and time consuming, but I am so proud that I did it and that it looks presentable.
  4. As with most projects, if you have a time frame that you think you’ll complete it in, double it. This ended up taking me 10 hours! Nothing that some good jams (Cranberries Pandora station) and serenading your husband while stapling can’t get you through.

I also disassembled and painted the frame of this bench. I’m still on the fence about the fabric, what do you think? I’m thinking I’ll keep it and give it a good cleaning.



ORC Master Bedroom Refresh: HomeWork Design Co.

ORC Master Bedroom Refresh: HomeWork Design Co.


I pulled the trigger on the fabric for our main long lumbar pillow for the bed. I can’t wait for it to get here!


ORC Master Bedroom Refresh: HomeWork Design Co.


I also had some issues with the feathers I ordered for my art inspiration being out of stock. They sent me an alternative but it’s not as many feathers as I originally hoped for. Still, I’m going to see what I can do with what I have for now.

I bought and painted these Ikea RAST dressers for our nightstands. They just need to be assembled and given some feet and hardware.

Speaking of hardware, my lucite arrived and I’ll be working on those this week as well.


ORC Master Bedroom Refresh: HomeWork Design Co. ORC Master Bedroom Refresh: HomeWork Design Co.


My wonderful husband also installed a few recessed lights (RIP boob light) which makes everything look so much better. I also got the entire room painted (Glidden Silver Birch), the armoire painted and legs added, and the headboard is up as well as the old photo ledge.


ORC Master Bedroom Refresh: HomeWork Design Co.

In my head, everything looked great but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit worried about it all coming together! Right now it’s feeling a little rustic and americana, when I want it to be light, bright and classic. I’m still staying optimistic and trusting my original plans.

So, what’s left to do?

Curtains – need to be hemmed and hung
Move our old campaign dresser in, existing one out
Finish the hardware (this is the same for wardrobes, armoire and nightstands)
Feather project
Assemble dressers/night stands
Art and styling
Sew pillow
Bench upholstery

It sounds like a lot – and it is – but it’s all the fun stuff! Can’t wait to share the after photos this weekend!

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