A new bedside piece & Craigslist ramblings

I’m not sure if I’m more embarrassed or proud of the fact that about 90% of our furniture is from Craigslist. Actually, that’s a lie – who am I kidding. Between the thrill of the hunt, finding the perfect piece, and getting it at a great price, I’m more than satisfied with my unique previously owned finds. I am actually laughing at myself trying to think of everything we own…

Sofa, leather loveseat ($65!!), leather club chair and ottoman, coffee table, unique bar piece, pottery barn modular bar, dining room table and chairs, office chairs, front room console, a rug – and I know I’m forgetting things.  Plus, that doesn’t count our items we’ve scored at the ReStore or have inherited.

Clearly, my love for Craigslist knows no bounds and it was the first place I thought to look when trying to score a new piece for my bedside.

I’ve lived for over 3 years in this place with a busted side/nightstand – if you can even call it that. It looks like a single kitchen cabinet. I love the idea of a small dresser next to the bed (both for storage and scale), so that’s what I was going for.







So I just about jumped out of my chair when I saw this post, and was able to secure it for pick up!


It looked amazing for $50. So, we picked it up and I still loved it. But you see, I have this problem when I go to pick up my beloved furniture. I’m usually so love-drunk and need it in my possession, (As if someone will literally come up behind me and steal it? Issues.) that I tend to overlook damaged areas.

I was still smitten when I got it home, but as I looked at it closer in the natural light, there was some work that needed to be done. I have no problem with some wear and tear, sometimes it adds to the piece, but this was far from perfect.

1 2 3 4 5

My brilliant husband suggested furniture wax to help the drawers glide smoothly and for any nicks and dents.


I got started and was so excited when the blemishes seemed to blend right in. “Perfect! So easy. I’m definitely going to blog about this, I’ll look so smart” I thought.


Sadly, once the wax completely dried, my problem areas were visible again. I’ll add not as visible, but still visible. Don’t you love when you’re on a life high, feeling all intelligent, and then the world is like, “Ha! Nope.” And you’re like “You suck, Reality. I thought I was so good.”

10 11

So the verdict is temporarily out on this one, mainly because I haven’t done too much other research yet. I have heard about a product called Liquid Gold that I might try, so more on that to come. In the mean time, though, I’m kind of loving my expanded space and nightstand upgrade (despite my reality check)!



With each new Craigslist find I feel more like a grown up and less like a poor college student. Now, Vito’s side of the bed needs some help because his (actual) nightstand has been officially dwarfed. I was going to take a photo for you, but his nightstand was a mess 😉

Does anyone have any magical tips for me? I promise if they work, I will report back and give you full credit!


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