Rethink it: Secretary desk

We own a few rentals in the town where we went to college, and we rent primarily to college kids resulting in us having to turn over the leases quite often. I typically help with repainting and cleaning, though we’ve outsourced serious cleaning to professionals once I actually cried while cleaning a refrigerator left from a group of tenants. Good times.

Anyway, while most of our renters leave absolutely nothing of value and only garbage and horrible messes, a few of them are too lazy to actually move furniture. On these rare occasions, I win!

Someone left this little wooden secretary desk in the attic so instead of going in the trash, Vito and I decided to take it home. A year and a half later, I finally found some time and energy to give it a quick little makeover. It was kind of beat up and painted a blah white with wooden knobs.

To save time and effort, I just took the electric sander to it to rough it up even more and make its shabbiness look like less of an accident. Once I was done with the sander, I wiped some stain on the exposed wood areas to highlight them, removed the excess with mineral spirits, slapped on some new hardware and voila, done. I forgot before pictures, but here’s the after ones:


IMG_20130510_081953 IMG_20130510_082131

I love this photo of Vito and his friend R riding the tandem bike from my parent’s beach house


I’m not sure if that old school Beirut poster will stay there, but it works for now.


Not bad for something that might have ended up in the garbage! I’m glad it has a new life and will actually be used now. And, uh, it’s also for sale if you want it because really, I’ll sell anything for the right price. Except my dog.

Happy weekend (and Mother’s day to all of the Mom’s out there) everyone, hope it’s awesome.


P.S. we updated our sunroom/patio area where this piece is currently living – that’s up next 🙂

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