Kitchen Overhaul – Before

I don’t know about you, but when I have something that I really want to do or change, I can’t. Stop. Thinking. About. It. It’s kind of a problem. I would consider myself a generally laid-back person, but this is where my small strain of OCD kicks in. When I wanted a new couch (but knew a pricey Pottery Barn Sofa wouldn’t fit into our budget.. sad face) I stalked Craigslist like a legitimate weirdo until I found exactly what I wanted (and drove my husband to new limits of crazy because of it).These obsessions come and go on a regular basis. It occurred with adopting our dog, Moxy, my job, many items in our house, and most recently, our kitchen. I wish I had this much motivation to actually put away the laundry.

Since we moved into our little house in March 2010, the kitchen has been the one thing on our long list of renovations that we know will make the most impact from a design, value, and personal sanity perspective. Vito insists that it was because of his vision to open up the wall and update the kitchen that I agreed to buy the house, but I distinctly remember having that ingenious idea myself – though maybe I’ll let him win that one. Anyway, our kitchen literally makes you feel like an imprisoned slave when you’re in it. There’s only room for one, maybe two people, max, and you’re completely closed off from the rest of the house. Also, it’s ugly. Really ugly. Needless to say, I’ve been patiently waiting to get this project underway, and all of my nagging and constant streams of “kitchen idea” links have paid off – Vito gave the OK for us to get started!

For nostalgic purposes and to give you an idea of what it was like, here are some before shots:

Taken from the back of the kitchen, looking towards the dining room. Sorry if you feel claustrophobic. Things to note: Dark. Seemingly unnecessary wall and closet (I guess “open concept” living didn’t exist in the 1930s). Loss of space in cabinet soffits. Ug-ly floors. I will say, the cabinets themselves aren’t the worst, but the interiors of them were not so hot.Image

Looking at the left side, exterior wall. Things to Note: Old dingy stove, weird laminate back splash, rickety drawers.Image

The awkward entrance to the kitchen, coming from the dining room. Things to note: Ceiling fan is only lighting. Dishwasher that doesn’t really wash dishes. Cramped entry.Image

Another angle of the awkward and cramped entry. Looks like we were already getting started with demo during before pictures!Image

A closeup of the floor that I will miss oh so much. Or not at all. Yes, that my friends is basket-weave linoleum. It’s also about an inch higher than the rest of our flooring because the previous owners just layered flooring on top of flooring over the years.  🙂Image

In this poor kitchen’s defense, it was somewhat functional over the past two years, but it’s begging for a makeover. Coincidentally, I was also begging to be able to talk to my guests and husband while cooking, and to be inspired to whip up whatever my heart (or Vito’s stomach) desires!

Up next, DEMO! Everyone’s favorite.

Till then,

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