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Beechwood Flip – The Before

Happy Friday and welcome to our flip! Truth be told while Vito and I feel like we’ve been in this “game” for a while by owning and managing rentals (him more than me), being active in a local real estate investment group (I go to some meetings), embarking on a flip or two (him, again) and understanding the process and… Read more →

Affordable Wall Sconce

I may not have reinvented the wheel here, but I have found a pretty cute wall sconce on the cheap. That’s basically the same, am I right? Anyway, 2014 was an expensive year for us and this attic reno was the real killer, so we were keeping our eyes very close on the budget when wrapping this project up. I had used… Read more →

Kitchen Overhaul – Put a Cork In It

Recently in a previous post, I explained that when we make a large purchasing decision, there’s always considerable thought put in to be sure it’s what we want and what’s right for us/our home. That’s why I love it so much when complete strangers don’t agree with my choices – and when I say “don’t agree” I mean telling me that the product I want to… Read more →