Investor Consultations

Ready to get that flip SOLD? Often times, investors with a great property get hung up on various design choices from cabinet style to paint and hardware. “What’s ‘in’ right now? What do people want?


Light Staging

Not all homes require a full staging to get them sold. With light staging, we can help you plant the vision of your flip’s potential in the minds of prospective buyers.


Custom Collaborations

Let us be your design partner in crime. As investors ourselves, our passion for renovations and interior design paired with a focus on ROI will ensure that those tough decisions are made quickly by someone with a firm grasp on industry trends. We know where to find the items that captivate buyers and get your investment sold for the market price you’re looking for. Plus, having some experience under our belt doesn’t hurt, either.

How does it work? Start by telling us a bit about your project in the greater Philadelphia area. From there, we’ll discuss the project needs, plan some time to review the space, and agree on a plan of action to suit the both of us. Then, we go to work for you presenting options on paint, fixtures, layout, etc. We can bill on an hourly or per project basis, depending on the scope of work.