Our Cape Exterior Renovation Plans

Our first major reno project of this house is tackling the exterior – and for once we are hiring the big jobs out (hallelujah)! Here’s our starting point – already drastically improved because we ripped out the front bed of overgrown rhododendron and pachysandra. It was a legitimate jungle! Now the grass seed is starting to sprout, and it looks… Read more →

A New Chapter

I’m going to go ahead and ignore the fact that I’ve neglected writing for almost 10 months! A lot has happened since last summer, most notably the addition of this adorable monster.   Since I last left off with the reveal of our first flip, we welcomed Luca to our family and it’s been a wonderful rollercoaster ever since. I… Read more →

Baby Boy Nursery: One Room Challenge Week 5

Week 5! Panic time. I have one week to pull everything together. And while I know it’s do-able, there’s still a ton to wrap up. As a self-proclaimed procrastinator though, I do my best work under pressure and always toward the last minute. I’m so excited to share the finished product with you all! First, I decided against the original fabric… Read more →

DIY Wall Mounted Wine Rack | HomeWork Design Co.

DIY Wall Mounted Wine Rack

In my non-preggers life, wine is a very important part of it. I mean what’s better, really? We used to have a set of pottery barn modular wine bars here in the dining room (I got them off Craigslist a couple years ago), but they were too short, feeling tired, and I wanted to clean the space up. Without much… Read more →