Malorie Anepete
Welcome, and thank you for visiting! I currently reside in southern New Jersey, just ten minutes outside of Philadelphia with my husband Vittorio and our dog Moxy, a rescue Shiba Inu mix. A lover of interior design, historic real estate, thrifting, and some DIY experimentation, Vito and I have been fixing up our little cape and are always looking for a new challenge.

HomeWork Design Co. and its blog were created as an extension of my ever-evolving design journey, an attempt to share my passions with those looking to improve their own home or investments. The name itself is both literal and suggested. On one hand, designing and working on homes gives me serious personal satisfaction. I want to see and make my mark on as many as I can, enhancing their original architecture and bringing them back to life. On the other hand, I’m still only dipping my toes in the giant ocean that is design, construction, and entrepreneurship – hence the “Homework” name. Rookie or veteran, lifelong learning is paramount to success. I think it’s important to continuously improve your skills and do your homework, there should never be an end date.

At this stage, I’m focused on local real estate investments, blogging, and building a client base in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Please contact me if you have a project in mind that you’d like to collaborate on, or visit my services page to learn more – I would love to work with you!



This is Vito and I in Sorrento, Italy in March 2015 (dream trip)