A New Chapter

I’m going to go ahead and ignore the fact that I’ve neglected writing for almost 10 months! A lot has happened since last summer, most notably the addition of this adorable monster.


Since I last left off with the reveal of our first flip, we welcomed Luca to our family and it’s been a wonderful rollercoaster ever since. I knew becoming a mother would change me, but it’s funny how I feel like an entirely new (tired) person yet somehow still all the same – just with a new buddy in tow. Someone once explained babies to me as “love terrorists” and that’s the most accurate explanation I’ve come across yet. They really can be sanity-questioning crazy people that you just love so damn much.

When Luca was just one month old, we decided we would list our first home (because we are crazy) in search of our forever home. But really, we knew we should list in the fall or else we would need to wait until the spring. We were itching for a change of pace. Amazingly, we were under contract in just two weeks and closed about a month and a half after that. Just like that, 6 memory-filled years came to an end oh so quickly. It was totally bittersweet. Or, if you ask Vito “We literally JUST finished this house and then sold it, only to start all over!”… oops. #areyouevensurprised. My family took us in while we were homeless and we spent an awesome 3.5 months bonding while debating what we really wanted in our new home, making sure not to settle just to get into it.

In January, after MUCH (too much) back and forth we closed on our current home – a forever fixer-upper in Medford, NJ. I may be jumping the gun here, but someone was looking out for us. While the house itself needs just about everythinggggg, the community is seriously special and something I wasn’t even sure existed if I’m honest.

And the MAIN reason we bought it…

We’ve done some painting and started a bunch of projects, but are back and forth between what to focus on considering there are only so many hours in a day. This love of renovation is both a blessing and a curse, let me tell ya. We have SO MANY IDEAS, but there’s that whole money thing (what the hell!) and a now mobile infant, so we’re just putting one foot in front of the other as we figure it all out.

I have a ton to share but wanted to set the stage and introduce you to our latest project! We are feeling super excited and very thankful for what’s to come.

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