Baby Boy Nursery: One Room Challenge Week 4


Some days I still can’t believe that in just 14 short weeks (give or take) there will be a new human in my life, one who is a combination of myself and my most favorite person in the world, my husband Vittorio. Absolute craziness.

I can’t begin to imagine the awe in seeing that little face (and what/who he will look like!) I know life is about to officially change forever. I may not know exactly how or what, but it will, for sure, be 100% different.

This post will be short and sweet. The crown moulding is caulked and painted, and the crib is assembled.

Baby Boy Nursery: HomeWork Design Co. Baby Boy Nursery: HomeWork Design Co.

The crib is pretty darn cute. I do feel, though, that it is really low and kind of squatty. I wonder if it’s because it was more ‘affordable’ than what I’m used to seeing? I just recall cribs being taller…

Baby Boy Nursery: HomeWork Design Co.

Overall, it feels sturdy and looks nice, so I cannot complain!

I’m still finishing up the dresser, but the hardware is cleaning up like a champ. Nothing some Bar Keeper’s Friend and a little elbow grease can’t handle!

Baby Boy Nursery: HomeWork Design Co.

The fabric for the panels behind the crib came in and I am on the fence about it, so we’ll see how that goes. We also picked up a daybed off of craigslist that is nice and low, has storage, and will prevent us from having to cut down/butcher the beautiful bed given to us by friends. I’m happy we can keep it intact because I’m sure they can still use it! So now that will need a coat of paint as well.

Mother’s day is next weekend and while I’m not officially a mom yet, this little babe has been renting my belly for the past 6ish months, so we’re pretty close. Plus, this view from our hallway is a new one that has Vito and I feeling pretty mushy about! OK, well maybe just me.

Baby Boy Nursery: HomeWork Design Co.

Lots to do in the next 2 weeks, but all fun stuff. Be sure to check out the other guest bloggers progress!


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