Beechwood Flip- Demo and the Boring Stuff

Follow along with the progress! Here’s where we left off.

I know that for many, demo can be really scary. I mean, you’re basically dismantling the house to the point where you have no choice but to put it back together. Fingers crossed? This flip has been one instance, though, where once demo got started our vision for what we were creating was definitely affirmed, which is so nice. We’re basically down to bare bones here with only 3 rooms remaining with any sort of drywall, so we’re building this baby from the ground up.

Front entry into living room – new closet framed.

Beechwood Flip: Demo & Mechanicals

Living room looking into kitchen and dining. Roughed in HVAC and some electrical. New header and reinforcement in pass through. Hi Rich Doyle!

Beechwood Flip: Demo & Mechanicals

It seems it’s always the boring stuff that is pretty important. Both in maintaining a sense of life normalcy (bills, cleaning, mowing the lawn) and also in flipping a house. Once we got the OK to start demo and our contractors secured, we were onto the “boring” part meaning mechanicals and all of those things that make a house work.

The house’s insulation consisted of acoustic ceiling tiles glued to the brick walls, so that had to go. As a remedy, we needed to have all of the exterior walls framed out on the inside in order to have space for the new insulation to fit.

Next we ran all new electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. These are still wrapping up and we’ll need to finalize details such as exactly where pendant lights will go, and whether we’ll have sconces or a light bar for the vanity in each bathroom, very soon. Sometimes it can be hard to envision these details when the house is completely gutted, so we’re trying to wrap up what we want now so that we’re happy with our decisions. Lighting is such a big deal and I can’t wait to see the place with recessed and decorative lighting.

In the kitchen looking to the dining room. I know. I would have kept that brick exposed but it is pretty bad looking in person.
Beechwood Flip: Demo & Mechanicals

Dining room looking into kitchen. New doorway to basement framedBeechwood Flip: Demo & Mechanicals

This will be our 4th bedroom in the addition. We switched out the existing exterior door for a window. The wall you see on the left is temporary, it will support the roof and structure while they excavate under the foundation to pour the new footings.Beechwood Flip: Demo & Mechanicals

This is the new landing with temporary stairs – once we get to finish work these will be updated.Beechwood Flip: Demo & Mechanicals

Upstairs in the hallway – bathroom gutted.
Beechwood Flip: Demo & Mechanicals

Bathroom plumbing with tub in place and new window.image

Back upstairs bedroom with new closet framed. This was originally built out with drywall and we can’t figure out why – nothing other than this wallpaper was in the wall.Beechwood Flip: Demo & Mechanicals

My new favorite room – here it is before with low ceilings:

Beechwood Flip: Demo & Mechanicals

After demo we realized we could take the ceiling all the way up – it’s going to be so pretty.Beechwood Flip: Demo & MechanicalsBeechwood Flip: Demo & Mechanicals

What elseee – we had most of the vegetation in the front yard removed which helped the curb appeal a ton. Though there’s still a long way to go.

Beechwood Flip: Demo & Mechanicals

Beechwood Flip: Demo & Mechanicals

I’m brainstorming some color combos to modernize the look of the front – if anyone has suggestions please let me know! We’re keeping the white siding and brick for budget reasons but I have the rails, shutters, doors, foundation, and the porch concrete to play with. Maybe trim too.

viaBeechwood Flip: Demo & Mechanicals

viaBeechwood Flip: Demo & Mechanicals viaBeechwood Flip: Demo & Mechanicals viaBeechwood Flip: Demo & Mechanicals

We’re also close to having the brand new footings poured to support the back addition. It’s finally warming up so it will be great to close up that project and move on.

Since the mechanicals are wrapping up, we’re going to start moving much more quickly. I’m finalizing the finishes as we speak and I can’t wait to share more details as we get closer to the finish line!

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