Master Bedroom Refresh: ORC – Week 2

Week 2 of the One Room Challenge. Where did the week go, again? I shared my vague plans last Sunday and here we are again at the weekend. For the record, I have always done my best work under pressure, so I’m not too worried yet.

The good news is I did buy some things, sold some things ($ to actually get this all done – woop), and am about to decide on the paint. Now I only have 32974982 things left to do. I think I’ve also honed in a bit more on the direction of this refresh, all good stuff!

As a reminder, here is a picture of where we’re trying to go:

Master Bedroom Refresh ORC Week 2


This week I snagged a cute caned bench that I plan to spruce up with some paint on the frame, (reupholstering TBD), and put that sucker at the end of the bed


Master Bedroom Refresh ORC Week 2

What do you think? Should I change out the fabric? It’s in OK shape, needs some cleaning. It will probably come down to time, who am I kidding.

I also purchased some desperately needed new linens – duvet, quilt, euro pillow & sham, extra long lumbar pillow, the whole damn thing. I am SO EXCITED. Maybe too excited.

Master Bedroom Refresh ORC Week 2

I also have this pretty sweet rug situation going on. I plan to place this guy under the bed – where a rug should actually go instead of our weird floating rug right now…

Master Bedroom Refresh ORC Week 2

Layered with thissss

Master Bedroom Refresh ORC Week 2

Cowhide for the win. The rug above – I’m sure some will hate it and some will love it. I don’t care, I love the colors and I won’t even tell how much I bought it for, because it’s just craziness (as in dirt cheap) for an 8×10′ rug.

I also came across this photo

Master Bedroom Refresh ORC Week 2

Which reminded me how much I love those damn African JuJu hats on walls. No really, that’s what they’re called and they are very expensive. I’m talking $300-$600 and then some. Each! So basically, that entire wall display cost upwards of $3k. And now I just feel so poor and sad that someone would put $3k worth of feather hats on their wall.

But since I think they are totally cool and still want one for myself, I impulse bought 2 yards of this:


Master Bedroom Refresh ORC Week 2

And right now it’s fingers crossed that my crafting talents pay off well enough to give me something remotely close to one of those babies above. And like I mentioned on my insta, if not, I do always love a good pinterest fail. To be continued…

On a side note, less than an hour after the purchase above I get a gchat from Vito exclaiming “what the hell did you buy from” Ummm, soon to be art? Duh. Haha, this poor man.

All this feather art talk is for a wall I want to fill, so I’m hoping this DIY will fit the bill. I think it, along with this adorable rattan wall thingie…

Master Bedroom Refresh ORC Week 2

And maybe some baskets will give me a beautiful and interesting little collage full of texture. I was also inspired by this:

Master Bedroom Refresh ORC Week 2

So lovely and unexpected.

Actually, now that I look at it, that gray color above is just the light, airy gray I’m looking to paint our bedroom. So far, we have a few contenders, but based on these swatches I think I already know which color I love. Can you guess? (not the best lighting..)

Master Bedroom Refresh ORC Week 2

SO – what do you think? Not too bad, right? Right? I know. There’s tons to do. I still have some big projects on my list, including:

  • Paint the whole room!
  • Upholstered wingback headboard
  • Lucite hardware for wardrobes
  • African JuJu art – ha
  • Bench – paint and maybe upholster
  • Night stands – I’d love to do some kind of floating option attached to the wall.

I also have a lot to source and install..

  • Find armoire, mirror, dresser, night stand options
  • Art for shelf
  • Find boob light replacement, install. (We should put in recessed lighting, but, work.)
  • Find lamps or sconces for bedside
  • Find curtains and raise the rod

Positive vibes, please!

There is something else I did, err, bought! It doesn’t have anything to do with ORC, but I have to share because I’m so friggen excited to have finally got my hands on these.

Master Bedroom Refresh ORC Week 2


Master Bedroom Refresh ORC Week 2

So. Good. So while I probably should have been working on the bedroom, I’ve been researching how to repair the wrapped caning on these beauties so I can revive them for my dining room. Must step away from Craigslist.

On that note, it’s time to get going. Onto the next week!!

Follow along with the rest of the extremely talented participants in the One Room Challenge here.

Tell me – which swatch do you like? Should I reupholster that bench? Help!

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