Master Bedroom Refresh: One Room Challenge

I’m really excited to take part in the famous blog-world showcase that is the One Room Challenge for my very first time! We’ve lived in our little cape for 5 and a half years, and this was the perfect excuse to refresh our master bedroom.

When we bought the house, I went to Home Depot and in one fell swoop picked out all of the colors for the entire house. Ignorance is bliss – I wasn’t too picky so I just jumped in feet first. I picked this mustardy color for the master and while I was ‘eh’ about it once it got on the walls, I’ve been soooooo over it for the past 4 years.

Considering budget is always a factor, this makeover will likely be another culmination of craigslist finds – lets hope I can find what I need in time for the reveal! I plan on selling a lot of what we currently have, and making a lighter yet eclectic space that feels much more ‘us’.

Here’s what I’m currently working with and what needs to get done:

One Room Challenge: Master Bedroom Refresh One Room Challenge: Master Bedroom Refresh One Room Challenge: Master Bedroom Refresh One Room Challenge: Master Bedroom Refresh One Room Challenge: Master Bedroom Refresh One Room Challenge: Master Bedroom Refresharmoire1The way it is now is not the worst bedroom I’ve ever seen, but there’s so much room for improvement. I think the only things that are staying are the photo ledge and the closets, and even those are getting oomphed up.

Here’s a quick little moodboard to give you a feel of the vibe overall

One Room Challenge: Master Bedroom Refresh

Layered rugs, lucite pulls, a DIY headboard – we have quite a lot to do! Not to mention I have to replace all the furniture, so let’s hope that Craigslist and the thrift gods are good to me over these next 6 weeks. Poor Vito is going to be busy!

I hope you follow along with me over the course of the One Room Challenge, I’ll be posting updates and tutorials as I make my way through this room refresh. Take a look at all of the participants (there are over 150!) for a ton of inspiration and talent

Anyone else redecorating? What kind of projects do you have on your plate?



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  1. October 26, 2015 at 11:10 AM

    I wonder what you could with what you have: cover the headboard and foot board with slipcover, paint the wardrobe or is it a TV stand, use the maple dresser as part of a large organized piece with more paint and lots of covered hanging space. Remove the bathroom door and install a sliding barn door, use the drawers from the maple nightstand, turned upside down for floating night stands and use two small night stands to make a bench for the end of bed? Spending less money and using what you have as incentives for others to see they have the makings for a new look with old stuff?? Just loving your site, sorry I haven’t been there to see it for myself. Hugs, Grams

    • October 27, 2015 at 12:01 PM

      Grams! I was initially going to do just that with the head and footboard but Vito is over our furniture. We are DIY-ing the headboard which I’ve been wanting to try out anyway. Most things are thrifted and yes – it may come down to up-cycling some existing furniture 🙂

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