Rethink it: ReStore Bookcases

DIY projects around here are always a hysterical adventure. Why are we such hot messes? In any project, one or many of the following is bound to happen: We end up tackling them on days where weather does not cooperate, we make a mistake at least once, or my indecisiveness requires us to buy additional material or supplies. Honestly, when something goes smoothly, we stop, check, recheck, and wonder how we did it right on the first try. Then, we high-five to our awesomeness.

We recently decided to give the guest room a facelift once deciding to turn our never-used breakfast nook into a his-and-hers office (eliminating the need to have Vito’s desk in the guest room – more on that to come). We don’t have guests every day, or every week, but the room needs some serious help! My perpetual priority in this little bungalow of ours is to add storage wherever possible, considering there is not one linen or utility closet on the main floor. So, I had been on the search for some storage bookshelves. We scored a pair of retro-ish bookcases with closed-door storage at the bottom from our local ReStore, for $39 each! Sorry – I forgot to take a before picture but there’s a few to follow that can give you a good idea. (Another resolution of mine – take more before and progress pictures!)

The size and scale was good, but they were boring to look at and the oak veneer they were sporting was screaming early 90s. I knew I definitely wanted to add feet to increase the height and interest, as well as paint. These guys called for glossy white.

We thought using a paint sprayer would be a great option to give these pieces a professional look. Sounded great! Minor detail #1 – we have never used a paint sprayer. Minor detail #2 – it was fa-ree-zing outside the day we decided to test drive it.

After prepping all surfaces with a liquid deglosser, we built our spray room. Yes, spray room. Check out this classy little set up.


IMG_20131124_142654Blurry, but you get the idea 🙂 


Yea buddy.


Hydration is key.

Complete with a heavy duty space heater! Thank goodness for this, seriously.

We then suited up to shield our lungs from glossy white paint and got to work. After a few kinks, we were spraying pretty evenly. Um, that was until we – multiple times – bumped into the wet paint, dragged the sprayer cord across the wet paint, or got a portion of the piece stuck to the paint-soaked paper.  Oy vey.

Long story short, we ended up doing a less than professional, but still perfectly fine job. I know what you’re waiting for: the after photos 🙂





IMG_20140113_203345 IMG_20140113_203111

What really dressed up the set was the paint, adding these feet we got from Home Depot, spraying the hardware, and the fabric backing. For the fabric backing, I just covered some hard board (cut to size by Vito) with a fabric I liked and secured it on the back side with hot glue.

I still have to finish styling the shelves, but I am loving them overall! Vito also had the great idea to fish a power strip through the back of one of the closed area so that I could have all of my hair stuff stowed away behind closed doors, but still ready to use right from the book case. Love.


What do you all think? Tell me about some of your DIY blunders! It will make me feel much better, seriously, especially since this hasn’t been nearly the worst 😉


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