Kitchen Overhaul: The Big Reveal

Are you ready are you ready? Of course you are, duh. I’ve taken way too long to get to these After photos posted and for that, I am sorry. These past few months working on the kitchen have been nothing other than a rollercoaster, but then again, that’s life for ya! Plus, we’re pretty smitten with the end result.

I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking for me.

To jog your memory, here’s some before and after comparisons:

From the dining room



Midway, after the wall was down




Another Dining room view progression


From the back of the kitchen



Midway, after the wall was down




A look at the sink side




And the (old) cabinet side, now home of the range





And here’s some more shots of the space and some little details:


Remember that sneak peek a while back?





And that other sneak peek..





Here’s a small cozamia framed print along with Vito’s MeatFest (It’s an annual rib smoking competition) trophy.


Since we apparently now have a pig theme going on, I got my CB2 bookends from my inspiration post as a birthday gift:


Shoutout to Giada – does anyone else’s man love her? She really does have the best recipes…

Here’s a shot of our undermount sink. We wen’t with a granite composite sink and Moen faucet


Lights, also from my inspiration post are from IKEA. I painted the cord that hangs down gold with some acrylic paint to make them look a little more special than with its original black cord. Old school filament bulbs also make them seem a little nicer.



Here’s a close-up of our beveled subway tile and dark grout. This grout turned out MUCH darker than I had expected (I was going for only a slight contrast with a mid-gray color). We had purchased it a darker color based on reviews (with pictures) that indicated it dries so much lighter. Not for us! I think it had to do with our application technique due to the beveled tile. Anyway, I was upset about the color at first, but it’s kind of growing on me..


And here’s one of Vito’s most creative ideas yet!


It’s near the top of the wall – guess what it is? It’s a new cover for our doorbell! He was skeptical of his suggestion to use this cuban cigar box, while I was jealous I didn’t think of it first. He just cut a slot out of the back to slide on top of the doorbell insides, drilled a few holes in the front of the box to allow the sound to escape, drilled the whole thing to the wall and called it a day. So far, it’s been a great conversation starter. (What is that? Why is there a cigar box on your wall?)

So, what do you think? I’m loving getting used to a new kitchen. It’s been fun to throw stuff in the cabinets and then get a real feel as to how each new drawer and cabinet should be used, so that’s a work in progress. I’m also happy we kept most of the serious things neutral. Now, each random item I have, like my bowls or teapot, has its place among the eclectic style and I can easily update the colors when I want. It’s still not 100% complete, but I’m OK with checking this project off as D.O.N.E.

A few things I’m going to add:

  • A chalkboard on the small wall below the doorbell cover
  • A new rug in front of the sink
  • A solution to the big black mass that is the side of the fridge (I loathe that the eye is drawn to that as soon as you look into the kitchen)

Since it’s all small, we’ll take it slow and fill in those spots when feeling creatively inclined 😉

What have you been working on lately? Isn’t it the best feeling when that huge project (home, work, or life related) is complete?

Till next time xo,

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