Kitchen Overhaul – Onto the Cabinets!

Do you know how badly I wanted to name this post “Cabs are Here!” ? Why have I only written a handful of posts and two of them can be linked to Jersey Shore? What is wrong with me? I thought I would spare you, but I guess I actually didn’t. ANYWAY.

You guys, I have a confession. Our kitchen is 97% complete and I AM IN LOVE. We finished it up in a hurry by planning a small get together for my birthday and I’m so glad we did. Here’s a golden tip for anyone having trouble keeping on a renovation schedule: plan a party. If you’re a normal person, you can probably stick to a plan, so it’s not likely that you need to take such drastic measures. But, if you’re anything like me, the moment a deadline is on the calendar and people (most of our friends and family live at least an hour away) are making plans to come over, sh*t  magically gets done. It’s really a miracle and I suggest everyone try it – you’ll be so impressed with what gets accomplished!

So, let’s wrap up these kitchen recaps so I can get to all of the other goodies I’ve been working on – what do you say? Plus, I’m itching to show you the finished product!

Similar to counter tops, cabinets are an anchor element in any kitchen. Think about it! Their finish determines one of the dominant room colors (are you going with painted, classic white, a wood tone, lacquer?), their style determines the overall feel for your entire space (traditional shaker, intricate mouldings, minimal modern, distressed?), and they span from the ceilings all the way to the floors. They are a big deal people! You can create a kitchen without backsplash tile, decorative lighting, accessories and all those high end appliances, but every kitchen needs storage.

Here’s what was important to us when choosing our cabinetry:

  • Real wood construction
  • Affordable without sacrificing quality
  • Classic, timeless look

We were open minded when it came to the decision of buying local or sourcing from a big-box store because we wanted the best product for our kitchen and budget. However, we were pleasantly surprised when the local guys took the win.

As a girl who knows what she wants, I was shocked when I walked into our local plumbing supply store (they’re a cabinet distributor as well) and the guy – let’s call him Jersey Mike – very boldly told me what I wanted, and I agreed.

Jersey Mike is great, let me tell you. Talk about no bullsh*t, Jersey Mike is the epitome of being straightforward and to the point. He’s an extroverted guy’s guy with a North Jersey persona (which is few and far between in South Jersey) and a know-it-all mentality. I think  Vito and I found him both hilarious and slightly intimidating, but the guy knew what he was talking about. I probably should have hated Jersey Mike considering my cork flooring incident, but I happened to like what he had to say so I’ll just let that one slide.

He introduced us to Wolf cabinetry, a brand that is just above builder’s grade, affordable, all wood, and made in the USA. ‘Merica! That part was a bonus for us. My feelings on their ability to keep prices down hinge on the fact that they only carry 4 door styles, each with limited color choices, so they don’t have new styles constantly revolving and old styles that won’t sell sitting on the shelves. They’re stock cabinets too, and pretty locally made, meaning we could have them in just a matter of days. Score for us. Here’s a snapshot of their options:


We chose the Hudson style in Painted Antique White. Most of the pieces came in a few days but a few were on back order, so we had to wait for them. And, for his first time ever installing cabinetry, Vito did an amazing job! Who’s surprised about that though, really. Here’s a few action shots during installation

 Laying out the cabinets. Hi, Mox!


Another view of the layout


Clamping pieces of wood to the top of the cabinets (where the crown moulding will be attached to)


One side hung on the wall. We owe quite a bit of our energy to finish this project to Monster.


The support piece for the ginormous cabinet that will hang over the fridge (it’s so deep that it needed to be attached to more than just the back and side of the wall)


A close up of the light rail moulding (adds a custom look)


ANDDDD here’s some shots of the finished product:







And if you’re curious about the hardware, they were a great find as well! They have a nice weight to them and remind me of similar products at Restoration Hardware…. except they cost under $4 each – such a steal. You can find them here.

I have to say that aside from the affordable price, these cabinets are excellent. They even squeezed in some modern luxuries like the AMAZING soft-close feature (I can still hear the bangs of our old cabinets slamming shut), the paint job is beautiful, they are a full-overlay style meaning all ya see is doors (woop), and they have gorgeous trim available to beef-up the look and make it feel more custom.

What do you think? What has your experience been with kitchen cabinetry?

Up next, I’ll give an in-depth look at our Ikea Butcher Block counters!

Till then xo,


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