Kitchen Overhaul – Happy Birthday to Me, Cornices Rock.

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. I have finally teetered over from the middle of the 20’s seesaw and am now officially sitting on the hefty side with my ass on the ground in my late 20’s, closer to 30. I’m not kidding when I tell you that I’ve suddenly become compulsive about eye cream and vitamins, and am neurotic to a fault about finding my exact “calling” in life. Yikes! But, it’s alright. I know I’ll figure it all out mainly because I know myself. It’s my “ah-ha” moments in life that have brought me to where I am now (happy!).

But do you want to know how I know that I’m really getting old finer with age? I was truly content with being home, sharing some (amazeballs) birthday pizza and wine with Vito, finishing up our grout and measuring out our curtains. Whoa. Not to worry, I’m going out with the girls on Saturday and for the record, I’ll probably never be a real Grown Up.  😉

So with me saying that we’re onto grout and curtains, I’m clearly behind in keeping you up-to-date on our progress! Since our cabinets are still not 100% complete, I thought I’d share the most charming kitchen addition ever, instead.

Have I mentioned that I married a Rockstar? Seriously, there’s nothing that Vito hasn’t been able to tackle in the DIY world. So, when we wanted to mimic the rest of the outstanding original moulding (a reason we bought the place) from the rest of the house in the kitchen, he gladly accepted the challenge and even upped the ante.

Let me explain. I love curtains, but it’s been hard for me to cover up all of that gorgeous moulding with fabric! But I love fabric too! (If these are my problems, I guess they are good ones to have.)  Anyway, Vito surprised me with the great idea of adding custom cornices to the kitchen windows. I excitedly gave him the glare, “uh, ya!” and wished I had thought of it myself. Wanna see?

Windows before (we took down the existing moulding that did not match the rest of the house):

cornice 3

Windows after:

P1000523 P1000517 P1000522

Aren’t they preeeety? I am doing them no justice by revealing them without their cherry on top – the curtains – but those are coming soon! You’re going to love love love.

And, lucky you, here’s a how-to from the man himself. He used this tutorial for guidance.

From Vito:

I searched everywhere to find crown moulding that matched the existing moulding around the doors and windows. 


I thought about making my own, but instead settled for something similar. It looks like the typical crown profile but at a different spring angle. You can use a small moulding of your choice for this project.

Primed finger joint pine boards
Crown moulding
Miter saw
Finish nailer
Router table

  1. Cut the pine to length and miter the ends.
  2. Glue and nail boards to plywood top.
  3. Use the router table with a roundover bit to make bottom nose piece (I couldn’t find anything close at Home Depot).
  4. Use router table with a straight bit to make a slot in a piece of 1×2” wood to support the curtain rod.  (Curtain rod is just a zinc-coated steel rod from the hardware aisle at home depot.  Attached the slots with glue and finish nails).
  5. Nailed the crown to the top of the cornice box
  6. Paint everything (including the inside areas that you might see from the bottom.)
  7. Cut a strip out of 1″ pine or plywood to attach to the wall.  Screw this to the studs, then screw the cornice through the top plywood piece into the strip.
  8. Cut the curtain rod using a hack saw or angle grinder, (multiple times so it’s a tight fit and not sloppy, but not too tight so you can easily remove it).
  9. Have the wife make the curtains.

#9 is what I’m tackling today and tomorrow, and I can’t wait to show you once they’re finished. I love the cornices because it’s easy for me to sew up new curtains and change them out whenever I’m looking for something fresh. Plus, they blend perfectly with the bungalow style of our house and add a beautiful, subtle, yet old-school feature in the kitchen. Like I said in my inspiration post, it’s all about the details.

I’m all over the place with these posts, but up next (I think!) are the cabinets 🙂

Till then xo,


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