Kitchen Overhaul – The Demo Continues

For this project, before we could even see a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel, we had to dig the damn tunnel ourselves! So, as the title explains, the demo continues. Lucky for you, I’m going to wrap up all of the demo right here, with a ton of pictures (of most things) so that you get the idea.

Before we could go any further, we had to pack up all of the contents of our kitchen and store them in the basement. This was actually a great excuse to get rid of a bunch of stuff we never use (too many wine tasting glasses, the most random mugs you could imagine, a hoard of mismatched tupperware). And, because we couldn’t live solely on take-out for the unforeseeable future, we set up this perfectly-functional-yet-slightly-ghetto makeshift kitchen in the basement.

Don’t let this little setup fool you! I’ve whipped up some seriously impressive meals down here, and my crockpot has never seen more use. Vito hasn’t complained yet 😉

After that was all said and done, it was time to go to town. Here’s one more look at where we left off – full kitchen, sans wall and chimney.

blog4b2 blog4b3

First we Vito took out the cabinets and appliances. We kept the cabinets intact and are saving them for another fun project we’re planning a few months from now once we’ve regained sanity from this project 🙂

I did help with the appliances a bit, ha. My construction skills are typically reserved for lifting and moving things, which clearly only someone with serious talent can do. We scrapped the stove since it was ancient and extremely energy inefficient, and kept the fridge upstairs (it’s going in one of our rentals as soon as we’re done with it here. Savings again!)

blog4b4 blog 4b5Behind the wainscoting and odd laminate backsplash, we uncovered this funky tin tile that looks like it has about 4 layers of paint on it. We have no clue how old it is, if it’s worth anything at all in its current condition, or if anyone will want it. I’m planning to do some research on it though, and I’ll report back with what I find.

blog4b7 blog4b8We took out the soffits..


And then, the Big Kahuna – floors. Oh man, the floors. Unfortunately, I don’t have any action shots because we were suited up and sealed off for the remainder of this floor demo. From what we could initially see, there were about 4 layers of flooring, one with the potential of being asbestos tile. So, to be safe, we thought it was best to completely quarantine the area, vent it out the window and dispose of it the right way.

blog 4b9 blog4b10

You have to admit, that alleged asbestos tile is fancy!

We weren’t exactly sure what kind of a job we were in for until we started to pry that bad boy up, but we were quickly informed that we were that floor’s bit**. For the next 12 hours – yes, you read that right, 12 hours – we peeled, pried and ripped as much as we could. There were just so. many. nails. So, once we got over the sad realization that this was going to be an all day & night-long gig, we put our heads together to figure out the best way to get the floor up. I was in charge of prying the 1.5 inch nails that were placed in groups of 12 every 8 inches, and Vito was on crowbar and bagging duty. Do you feel our pain? I hope so. Now I can stop whining about it.

At 3am, we were finished, and SO HAPPY. Vit layed down some rosin paper and we were finally all gutted.

blog4b12 blog4b13

Ta da!! I know, I know. It still looks scary, but this is a pivotal moment in our renovation. Now, we can actually start putting things into the space instead of ripping them out. Though what’s next is a ton of prep, it’s the foundation for all of the pretty stuff that you’ll see as the finished product.

Up next, I’ll take a break from demo and give you a sneak peek of our design inspiration going into the project. Hopefully, you can get in our heads and envision our masterpiece along with us!

Till then,

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