Kitchen Overhaul – Taking Down the Chimney!

Yay! The chimney is coming down! If you can’t tell, this is a very exciting step for us in this major project. After thinking up a bazillion ways to work this sucker into our design, no solution compared to actually getting rid of it. It was the right decision, I promise.

However, with this decision came a lot of planning, time, and moolah (unfortunately). Here’s a quick reminder of the kitchen with the wall down, but the chimney still standing.


First, our good friend Bob went to town on the chimney on the roof (while Vito and our roofer looked on, half scared but mostly impressed.) Image

Then it was all demo from there. They took down the chimney in the basement, and then knocked it down on the main floor.


Vito finished up by patching the holes, and Bob and the roofer worked to patch the roof and direct-vent our new heater out the top as discretely as possible.

This job was a big one, which is exactly why I high-tailed it out of there after a few house-shaking blows to the brick.

They did an awesome job though, and now it’s all clear and we’re ready to take up the floors!

Oh, the floors, don’t even get me started on that. Cabinet and floor demo is next!

Till then,

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