Kitchen Overhaul – DEMO!

Oh, demolition. You’re really one of the most fun parts of any renovation (for the dudes, at least. I prefer the shopping/painting parts.) I think everyone needs to experience the feeling of slamming a hammer through a piece of undisturbed drywall in their lifetime, or in our case, rock-hard plaster. This wall took a little more muscle!

Step one – dress the part:


Sorry if you’re reading this while trying to relax, I didn’t mean to scare you with this picture! (Buzz, your girlfriend..) And yes, we know we’re dorks.

Step two, get to work! The only caveat to jumping head-first into demolition is the end result of said demolition – a big ol’ heaping pile of crap.


See what I mean? This baby took about 2 hours to come down and resulted in dust EVERYWHERE and approximately 26 heavy-duty contractor garbage bags to get rid of all the debris. Sorry Garbage Men! We owe you a “thank you” tip 🙂

It was all worth it, though. Because this is what we were left with:


Hiiiiiiii rest of our home! Oh, but what’s that big ass chimney doing in the middle of our kitchen? This, my friends is one of the main reasons it took us so long to get started on the kitchen project. This here chimney is quite the expensive hurdle. Really, we tried to make it a part of the design, and I personally would have loved to have some well-placed original brick in our home! But, what was revealed is that this chimney : A. Is in the worst spot possible. It’s in the middle of everything, taking all function out of our plans. B. Is fugly. It looks like they molded concrete into weird, badly colored brick shapes. I’m also pretty sure I could have mortared those bricks better myself, which is really not saying much.

I still dream of uncovering original, beautiful brick in a wall somewhere, but it’s not likely that it will be in this house. We’ll get into the details of the chimney and watch that sucker come down in the next post!

Till then,

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